Q: "Replacements?"
A: To minimize disease, replacements will not be allowed after Loft closes on May 24th.

Q: When will you start training the birds and what kind of road work will they have?
A: Mid/late July, the first toss will be at 6-10 miles, weather permitting (for all tosses). The birds will be thoroughly trained at 10 mile increments in small groups out to 50 miles, and larger groups after 50 miles to 75 miles. First full group toss will be at 100 miles. Thereafter, the birds receive one or two 75 mile tosses mid-week throughout the race series.

Q: How will you treat missing birds, or birds returning after they have gone missing? (And injured birds?)
A: Breeder will be notified upon discovery and again upon returning. Bird will not be flown again until deemed fit by loft manager. Same with injured birds.

Q: "Is there a Yearling Race option?"
A: Yes! Brought back by Breeders' request ... as an added bonus for additional prize money - and to test your birds against the Twin Cities Combine race birds. Offered to select birds, to be flown on Double Widowhood system as yearlings in the 425 mile Midwest Topeka Classic race. For race and prize details, select 'Yearling Race Option' under 'News' tab.