Yearling Race

After the 300 mile Flying Aces final race, as stated in the rules, anyone wishing to have their birds returned may do so. $60 for one bird, and $10 for each additional.

I will be racing old-birds next season, as well as the young bird one loft races. Therefore, I can offer an alternative to select breeders to race your bird(s) in the 425 mile Topeka Midwest Classic race. This race has upwards of 4,000 pigeons, liberated at one time and competing from 7 states - with 300, 400, 500 and 600-mile divisions.

Your birds will be flown on  Double Widowhood and raced as a part of my old-bird team; racing in competition in the Twin City Combine, with the Viking Club. Your birds' results will be posted on the Combine results sheet for tracking. By doing so, your birds will be eligible for high-point birds, Championship birds, AU diplomas and all AU awards.

A perch fee of $100 per birds for wintering, training, and racing during the OB schedule. After your bird has completed a 200 -mile race and is able to be competitive in the upcoming 425-mile race, there is an entry fee of $200 per bird. That entry fee will be used for prize money for the 425-mile race for interested breeders. The prize will be Winner TAke All!

Race liberations are at the discretion of the Twin City combine liberators.

Due to available space and my ability to handle the birds properly, I must be selective; with the combined sexes totaling 50 birds. At the end of the OB season, your bird can be shipped back to you, or retained for the following OB season as a two-year old, at my discretion to continue to become an AU Champion. Same shipping costs as stated above.

Please contact me if you would like your bird(s) to be considered in the selection process for the upcoming OB season.